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State of the Cubs Week 21

80-50 4.5 GMs up on Milwaukee, 8 GMs up on St. Louis, .5 GMs up in all of baseball

Magic Number: 28

The Week that Was:

It tough to say two series wins are a disapointment, but they almost are. They've won 8 straight series, which they haven't done since 1927. Rich Harden got not one but got two wins. The were bested again by John Lannen and the squandered a Ted Lilly gem. Mark DeRosa hit a HR in 4 straight games (HR1, HR2, HR3, HR4), first Cub to do that since Fred McGriff. And Geovany Soto tied Randy Hundley for the most HR for a Cub catcher.

My Predictions: A game under my prediction, I got Aramis correct with 2 HR but not Soto

The Week that Will be:

The Cubs get to see the Pirates for the last time all year, and I for one am going to miss them. They have lost 4 straight and 6 out of their last 8 home games.

  • Game 1 Ted Lilly vs. Jeff Karstens. The Cubs look for revenge against Karstens, who blanked them a month ago. He's lost his last two starts, both at home. Lilly won his last start against the Pirates, going 6.1 IP of 1 R ball. Ryan Doumit (5-10) and Luis Rivas (2 HR) hit him well.
  • Game 2: Carlos Zambrano vs. Ian Snell. Zambrano got a ND in his shortened start against the Pirates earlier in the month. Only Ryan Doumit (4-12) hits him well. Ian Snell has been a disapointment this season, but he has a respectable 3.92 home ERA. The Cubs have won both his starts this season. Ramirez (8-25), Edmonds (5-18 2 HR), Ryan Theriot (7-16), Soriano (7-15 3 HR) and Mark DeRosa (4-8) all hit him really well.
  • Game 3: Jason Marquis vs. Zach Duke. Marquis takes his 3.49 road ERA to face the Pirates, who he lost to earlier in the year. Jason Micheals (4-6 HR) hits him well. Duke has lost his last 8 decisions and has a BAA of .309. Derrek Lee (10-32 HR), Ramirez (11-32 HR), Ronny Cedeno (8-23) and Alfonso Soriano (12-21 2 HR) all hit him well.

Then the Cubs return home for a 4 games set with the Phillies. The Cubs look for revenge after Philly took 2 out of 3 in a series that occured many months ago.

  • Game 4: Ryan Dempster vs. Cole Hamels. Easily the best pitching matchup in the series. Dempster, 11-2 at home, hasn't given up a HR since July 1st and the Phillies lead the NL in dingers. Jimmy Rollines (9-28) and Pat Burrell (8-21) hit him well. Hamels didn't allow a run in his 7 IP against the Cubs in April. Alfonso Soriano (3 HR), Ramirez (4-11 HR) and Ryan Theriot (5-11 HR) hit him well.
  • Game 5: Rich Harden vs. Joe Blanton. They were teammates earlier in the year, but now they face off. Harden has been masterful as a Cub, and hasn't given up a run in 19 IP.  The Phillies roster is batting .059 off him with 15 Ks in 32 ABs. Blanton has been decent with the Phillies, but his last couple starts haven't been anything to write home about. Reed Johnson (5-10 HR) and Soriano (4-9) hit him well.
  • Game 6: Ted Lilly vs. Brett Myers. Lilly got hit hard by the Phillies in his start against them, but that was when Ted Lilly was sucking hardcore. Pedro Feliz (4-10 2 HR) hits him well. Myers has been short of decent this year, but his last start was a CG shutout vs. the Nationals. He has a 6.35 ERA on the road this year. Lee (12-25 3 HR), Ramirez (7-24 2 HR), Soriano (5-20 3 HR) and Edmonds (6-16 HR) hit him well.
  • Game 7: Carlos Zambrano vs. Jamie Moyer. The former Cub has been the 2nd best starter on the Phillies this season, but was the starter for the only Cubs win in Philly this year. Reed Johnson (10-30 HR) and Mark DeRosa (4-13 HR) hit him well. Z's first loss of the season was to the Phillies, but he has a 7-1 home record. No Phillie hits him well.

Predictions: It's hard to predict that the Cubs lose any of these games, but I'm going to predict that we lose both of Lilly's starts. Alfonso Soriano hits 3 HRs  

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State of the Cubs: Week 18

67-45 5 GMs up on the Brewers

The Week that Was:

The Milwaukee Series: Complete and Utter Domination

The Pittsburgh Series: In game 1 the Cubs struggled with a pitcher they had never seen before...surprise surprise. In game 2, they beat their ace Paul Malholm and Lilly turns in another gem (his ERA has been creeping down slowly, it could be below 4 by season's end). And in game 3, they only let Z throw 82 pitches for rest purposes. The bullpen blows the lead, but Reed Johnson hits a clutch 2-run PH HR to give the Cubs the lead, the game and the series.

My Prediction: Better than expected. They go 6-1, a game better. I called Soriano gettting hot and Harden's first win in Cubbie Blue.

The Week that Will Be:

The Cubs remain at home to face the Houston Astros. The Astros are coming off a sweep of the Mets and have won 7 out of their last 9. This is the first of 3 more series the two teams will play this season. The Cubs then get a much needed off day, after going for 20 games in 20 days. After that they see the Cardinals for the first Wrigley series between the two teams this year. The Cubs also see the Cardinals for 3 more series this year. Expect Kerry Wood to return for the Cards series.

Game 1 Ryan Dempster vs. Brian Moehler. In Dempster's last start vs. the Astros, he gave the Cubs 8 scoreless innings for their first win after the break. The Astros also gave Dempster his first loss of the season, all the way back in May. As usual, the Astros to look out for are Lance Berkman (12-40 4 HR) and Carlos Lee (5-15 HR). Moehler is coming off of a great start against the Reds, 8.2 IP 2 ER. And also pitched a gem against the Cubs in July. Jim Edmonds absouletly crushes him (13-37 6 HR) and Alfonso Soriano hits him pretty well too (4-9)

Game 2 Rich Harden vs. Wandy Rodriguez. This is Harden's first career outing against the Astors, but we can all expect him to continue his dominance. Harden is yet to surrender more than 1 ER in any start as a Cub, and every run he has given up has been from a solo HR. Carlos Lee is 3-9 against him. Wandy is coming off a bad 4.2 IP 6 ER preformence against the Reds. Derrek Lee (8-19 2 HR) and Ryan Theriot (8-14 HR) hit him well. Carlos Zambrano and Jason Marquis have also hit HRs off of him (Pinch Hitting maybe )

Game 3: Jason Marquis vs. Brandon Backe. Marquis hasn't won since June, despite the fact that 4 out of his last 5 starts have been quality starts. Expect Berkman (19-39 HR) and Lee (10-29 3 HR) to continue to rake. Backe has been a mediocure pitcher for most of the season (4.72 ERA) and his last loss was against the Cubs. Aramis Ramirez (7-19 HR) hits him well.

Game 4: Ted Lilly vs. Braden Looper 8 of Lilly's last 10 starts have been quality starts. And he's 1-0 with a 3.26 ERA vs. the Cardinals this season. Pujols is 8-21 with 2 HRs against Ted. Looper has lost 4 out of his last 5 decisions including a lose to the Cubs on July 4th. Geovany Soto (3-5 HR) is the only Cub hitter that has had success against him.

Game 5: Carlos Zambrano vs. Todd Wellemeyer. Carlos has won 4 out of his last 5 decisions and has a 2.28 ERA at home this year. He shut down the Cardinals for 6 IP of scoreless ball earlier in the year. No Cardinal hits him well, not even Albert Pujols, who hits .240 off Big Z. The ex-Cub Wellemeyer posted a 5.88 ERA in July, including a loss to the Cubs. He's yet to lose on the road this season. No Cub has seen him much, but Aramis is 3-3 against him. 

Game 6: Ryan Dempster vs. Chris Carpenter. What a matchup for a Sunday night game. Dempster takes his 10-1 home record to face St. Louis, something he hasn't done this year. Jason LaRue hits him well (5-11 HR). The Former Cy Young winner Carpenter will be making his 3rd start, and no indication on how many pitches he will be able to throw. He only threw 67 in his first start, lasting 4 IP. Derrek Lee (11-35), Alfonso Soriano (10-25 2 HR) and Big Z (6-10) all hit him well.

Predictions: Cubs win 5 out of 6, losing Marquis' start. Soriano continues to hit well and Wood returns with 2 SVs

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State of the Cubs: Week 17

61-44 1 GM up on Milwaukee

The Week that was:

Important Notes:

  1. Alfonso Soriano is back, and ready to go on one of his tears.
  2. Kerry Wood is on the DL should be back this week, but in his place comes the Shark. Who has been mighty impressive, mixing a nice splitter with a 96 MPH tailing fastball and a good slider. We may have found a new short reliever.
  3. Harden continues to pitch dominantly, without support from the team
  4. Justin Miller, Jeremy Hermida and the rest of the Marlins need to just go away
  5. I saw a win in person for the first time in a long time
  6. Reed Johnson and Mike Fontenot are crushing the ball

My prediction: Not good

The week that will be:

Game 1: Cartsen Charles Sabathia vs. Theodore Roosevelt Lilly I'm not worried about having to face Sabathia. The Cubs hurt lefties pretty bad and he walks quite a few. Plus by now he should be ready to have a heart attack on the mound from all the beer, brats and cheese. I'd be a bit worried about Ted, he had the one bad start against them earlier in the year, but that wasn't this Ted Lilly. But he did struggle with them last year, and they kill lefites more than the Cubs do. Alfonso Soriano (8-25 3 HR), Reed Johnson (8-21 HR) and Aramis Ramirez (3-7) hit him well. Braun hits Lilly well (4--8 HR). Sabathia has a career 34.71 ERA against the Cubs.

Game 2: Carlos Zambrano vs. Ben Sheets. Sheets had one good start (opening day) against the Cubs and one bad one (7 BBs) whereas Zambrano has been much better (13 IP 1 ER). Derrek Lee (16-46 6 HR), Mark DeRosa (6-21 3 HR) and Big Z (5-14) hit him well. Kendell (10-30) and Braun (4-12 HR) hit Z well.

Game 3: Ryan Dempster vs. Manny Parra The Brewers have lost 4 out of the last 5 games Parra has pitched and the Cubs have barely seen him. Dempster has the only 2 wins against the Brewers this year, and Jason Kendell (13-29) hits him well

Game 4: Dave Bush vs. Rich Harden Bush is 1-6 lifetime vs. the Cubs including a shalaking as he surrendered the first win of the season for the Cubs. He happens to be a much better home pitcher, so Ned Yost platoos him. Good call Ned, really helped him in his last start. Aramis Ramirez (7-21 2 HR), Soriano (7-21) and DeRosa (4-11 HR) hit him well. All current Brewers hit harden at a .071 clip

Then back home for Pittsburgh yay

Game 5: Jason Marquis vs. John Van Benschoten. The number to know for JVB is 2.55. No that's not his ERA, that's his WHIP. He's coming off a 1.2 IP 7 ER nightmare. Marquis is 2-0 with a 3.17 ERA vs. the Pirates this year. Jason Bay crushes him.

Game 6: Ted Lilly vs. Paul Malholm Malholm has been the one good pitcher for the Pirates sofar and threw a 8 IP 5 ER preformence vs. the Cubs earlier in the year. He has a 4.60 road ERA this year. Lilly has been ugly against the Buccos this year (8.38 ERA)

Game 7: Carlos Zambrano vs. Ian Snell. If there has been one person this season that I've been most wrong about it's been Ian Snell, I thought he'd be great. Um..no. Snell lost his one start vs. the Cubs this year. Alfonso Soriano (6-12 3 HR) crushes him. Zambrano has been only decent against the Pirates. Jason Bay kills him (14-39 5 HR)

Predictions:  The Brewers are hot, no doubting that, but the Cubs match up really well with them. Expect them to win 3 out of 4, losing the Lilly start in a slugfest. Then we get to face the Pirates, who have just traded Marte and Nady. We'll win 2 out of 3, also losing the Lilly start. Harden finally gets his first win in Cubbie Blue and Alfonso Soriano goes on one of his tears.


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State of the Cubs Week 7

27-17 2 games up on Cardinals in Central

The Week that was:

  • Game 1: Cubs score in bunchs, scoring 11 in a two-inning span. That would be plenty for Carlos Zambrano, who went 7 IP 3 ER. 7 different Cubs record RBIs, and Alfonso Soriano hits his 4th HR (he wont be done for the week). Cubs win 12-3
  • Game 2:Shawn Estes' return to Wrigley did not go as many of his previous starts there had. He limited the Cubs to 3 runs, including Alfonso Soriano's 5th HR. Jason Marquis is once again the victum of the big inning, as he allows 4 in the 4th, including a Khalil Greene HR. Wuertz came on to throw 3 IP of scoreless, 1-hit baseball. Padres win 4-3
  • Game 3: Who would've thought that Ted Lilly would outduel Jake Peavy, but him and his 6 IP 4 ER 11 SO preformence did just that. Alfonso Soriano hit a leadoff HR for the second straight game (6) and Geovany Soto added his 7th, 2 of his 3 RBIs on the night (29). Cubs win 8-5
  • Game 4: Ryan Dempster turned in the Cubs 2nd straight 11+ K game, one-upping Lilly with 12. He went 8.1 scoreless, walking only one before he gave way to Kerry Wood, who collected his 8th SV. The Cubs scored all 4 runs in the 5th, including a RBI single by Dempster, and a Derrek Lee 2-RBI (29) double. This game was Jim Edmonds debute with the Cubs, he went 1-4 with 7 LOB. Cubs win 4-0
  • Game 5: The Pirates will be very happy that they don't have to send Tom Gorzelanny to the mound during their next series with the Cubs. As the Cubs touched him up for 7 ER for the 3rd time this year. Sean Gallagher collected his first major league win, going 6 IP of 1 ER baseball. Alfonso Soriano hit 2 more HRs (8) including his 3rd leadoff of the week, Geovany Soto (8) and Mark DeRosa (4) also homered. Bob Howry gave up 3 in 2 IP, creating the need for Kerry Wood to collect his 9th SV. Cubs win 7-4
  • Game 6: The Cubs lose a game where they score 4 runs for only the 2nd time all season. Carlos Zambrano threw his worst outing of the season, giving up 5 R in 4 IP. Alfonso Soriano couldn't carry the team by himself, despite 2 HRs (9, 10). Carlos Marmol made a mistake on a pitch to Nate McLouth, which ended up being the winning HR, Marmol's first loss of the season and 2nd in the last 2 years. Wuertz went 2.2 IP, scoreless with only 1 hit. Pirates win 7-6
  •  Game 7: 4 hits turned out to be enough, along with the 7 BB. Jason Marquis went 6 IP 2 ER, with 2 the 2 ER coming on a Adam LaRoche first inning HR. Soriano and Reed Johnson hit Sac Flies, and Ronny Cedeno and Kosuke Fukudome hitting RBI singles. Bob Howry and Carlos Marmol both got holds, Marmol striking out the side. Kerry Wood came on for his 10th save. Cubs win 4-3

My Prediction: I said 5-2...they went 5-2....I said Soriano would have a very good week, he had an amazing week. I also correctly predicted Sean Gallagher's first ML win and that the offense would score 8+ twice.

Welcome to the big leagues kid...er...sir: Cubs welcomed Micah Hoffpauir to the bigs, after putting Daryle Ward on the DL with a bad back. Hoffpauir struck out in his only AB. He is 28, which is 2 years older than Carlos Zambrano, who's been in the league since 2001. He very well could get a start this week, to give Derrek Lee some time off. Lee failed to record a hit during the Pittsburgh series.

What to expect this week:

Cubs travel to Houston for a 3 game stretch with the Astros, who have been red hot lately, winning 19 out of their last 27. But those wins did come mostly against the Rangers, Giants, Dodgers, Nationals, Brewers, Reds and Rockies...not exactly a bunch of great teams in that bunch. The Cubs luckily get to miss Roy Oswalt and Brandon Backe.

  1. Game 1: The Cubs send up Ted Lilly, who is looking to record his 4th straight win. He is coming off of back-to-back 10+ K preformences. The Astros counter with Brian Moehler. Moehler is making his 3rd start of the season, after being coverted out of the pen. Both of those games were Astros wins. He's given up 6 ER in 6 IP at home this year.
  2. Game 2: Ryan Dempster vs. Chris Sampson. Dempster is coming off of his best start of the season, and in the last 3 years has a 1.16 ERA in 23.0 IP against the Astros. Lance Berkman is 10-34 with 4 HRs in his career vs. Dempster. Sampson did have a 6.2 IP 2 ER preformence in Wrigley earlier in the year, but is coming off of a 7 R outing vs. the Giants.
  3. Game 3: Sean Gallagher vs. Shawn Chacon. Gallagher looks to repeat his previous outings, both Cubs wins. Chacon is coming off a 3.1 IP 8 R preformence against the Rangers. Aramis Ramirez absolutely crushes him .588/.600/1.706 with 5 HR 13 RBIs and 4 2b in 17 ABs.

Cubs then travel to Pittsburgh again, I don't know if there is anything I can tell you about the Pirates that you don't already know. 12 games against them before the end of May (8-1 against them sofar).

  1. Game 4: Zack Duke vs. Carlos Zambrano...we've seen this one before. Carlos Zambrano will try and rebound from his worst start of the year, and Duke will try to avoid Alfonso Soriano (.556/.600/.944 with 2 HRs in 18 ABs). This is Duke's 4th start against the Cubs this year.
  2. Game 5: Jason Marquis vs. Phil Dumatrait....another rerun. He walked 7 in his one start against the Cubs (today)...but this will be his 6th outing against them on the year. Marquis probably saved his spot in the rotation with his outing today, he's given up 3 ER in 12 IP against the Pirates this year, his only 2 wins.
  3. Game 6: Ted Lilly vs. Paul Malholm. Suprisingly the Cubs haven't faced Malholm this year. He has given up 15 ER in his last 3 starts. Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez have both HRed twice off of him in their careers. Ted Lilly had a very bad outing against the Pirates earlier in the year, but had been much better lately.

Prediction: Cubs go 4-2, taking 2 out of 3 in each series. Lilly gets a win, along with Dempster and Zambrano. Micheal Wuertz gets a win out of the pen. Wood gets 2 SVs. For offense, Soto hits 2 more HRs, and Jim Edmonds hits his first as a Cubs

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State of the Cubs Week 6

22-15 PCT Points up on the Cardinals

The Week that was:

  • Game 1 L 5-3. Dempster Ks 7 and doesn't give up an ER...but the 5 unearned runs come back to bight him. Soto hits his 6th HR of the season
  • Game 2 Zambrano has another great start despite only K'ing 3...goes 8 scoreless, then Wood recordes the save. Offense doesn't do too much aside from Ronny Cedeno's 2 run single in the 4th.
  • Game 3 Ugh. Bad first start for Jon Lieber (I believe he's going back to the pen if i heard correctly). No offense whatsoever vs. 7 HRs....
  • Game 4 Ted Lilly makes his 4th straight QS. He's Ks 10, allows only 1 run in 7 IP, and drives in 1. Derrek Lee hits his 9th HR.
  • Game 5 Another very good start, but the offense doesn't wake up quick enough to get him the win. Instead Scott Eyre gets the win in first first game back. Cubs bat around in the 7th, including Kosuke Fukudome's 2nd major league HR.
  • Game 6. Wasn't the great pitching matchup we had hoped because of the weather, but the result was good. Sean Gallagher pitches decently for his first career start. Lee hits his 10th HR of the season, and Reed Johnson nails his 1st...both into the heart of the wind. Daryle Ward's RBI Double gave the Cubs the lead...Kerry Wood the save.

My last week's prediction. I said 3-3, they go 4-2...I'm hapy with that. I had Carlos Zambrano and Carlos Marmol getting wins, they did...Ryan Dempster not so much even though he deserved to at least once. I also had Fukudome hitting 2 HRs, maybe that was a bit too bold...but he hit one...I get points for that right?

The best part of the week: Alfonso Soriano. He goes 9-23 with 3 RBIs...if he starts to hit look out. Closely followed by Ryan Theriot.

Headsratcher of the week: Bullpen usage. Carlos Marmol doesn't throw during the Reds series, then every game of the Diamondbacks series? Lou it's the 9th inning of a blowout...we don't need to use Marmol. I also wouldn't be surprised if Chad Fox stops getting key situations, or even loses his spot on the team. Can't be walking people, isn't that right Carmen Pigantiello?

What to expect this week:

  • Cubs start off a 4 game home series with the Padres (which includes 3 night games...weird) with a Carlos Zambrano vs. Randy Wolf matchup. The Padres must be cursing mother nature for pushing back Zambrano into this series because Z has given up 2 runs in his last 28+ IP. Randy Wolf has posted a 4.81 Road ERA and got rocked by the Braves in his last start to the tune of 5 Er in 6 IP with a L.
  • Game 2: Shawn Estes vs. Jason Marquis. Cubs get their second shot at Estes since his 2003 season of mediocrity with the Cubs. The only time before that they got to do that they absoluetly crushed Estes, 2.2 IP 9 ER. This is only Estes' 2nd start since 2005, the first of the year. He gave up 2 unearned runs in his only outing of the season against the Braves on Thursday. Jason Marquis is comign off 2 straight loses where he has given up 5 runs. Can somebody tell him it's still May, he still should be good.
  • Game 3 Ted Lilly vs. Jake Peavy I shouldn't have to tell you how good Jake Peavy is, and he's very good. I'll stick to the good news, the Padres have lost 4 out of his last 5 starts. Conversly, the Cubs have won 3 out of Lilly's last 4 starts, all QS. Lilly is coming off of his best start of the season. Still the odds are agains the Cubs
  • Game 4 Ryan Dempster vs. Greg Maddux. Well Mad Dogg finally did it, he got his 350th win. Took him 5 starts to do it too. He has a 4.94 away ERA. Ryan Dempster, who I think slightly resembles Greg Maddux's style (to a much lesser account obviously) takes the mound. He's coming off his first loss of the season, although he failed to surrender an ER.
  • Game 5 Cubs remain at home to try and continue their ownage of the Pirates. Friday's game matches Sean Gallagher and ?. Sean Gallagher makes his 2nd career start. He was decent against the Diamondbacks, hopefully he can improve on that against the Pirates surprisingly decent offense (hopefully Nate McLouth will get the 72-hour flu over the weekend).
  • Game 6 Carlos Zambrano vs. Zach Duke Duke has faced the Cusb twice this season, his first start was great, despite the Cubs win. His second start was not very good (5 ER 4 IP). I've already told you how dominate Z has been sofar this season, and he hasn't faced the Pirates yet this season. Although in the last 3 years he's only fared average against them (4-4 4.43 ERA).
  • Game 7 Jason Marquis vs. Paul Maholm. Marquis got his first win agains the Buccos on April 19th a 1 ER 6 IP 7 K outing in Wrigley. Maholm hasn't faced the Cubs yet this season, adn is 2-3 with a 4.79 ERA.

Predicition: I kinda want to get greedy and say the Cubs go 6-1 at home vs. two of the the bottum dwellers of the league. But I can't do it...they go 5-2 losing the final game of the pirates series and the one against Peavy. Zambrano racks up 2 more wins, along with one from Dempster and Sean Gallagher's first career win. Bob Howry gets the other win. As for the offense, they score 8+ twice, once in each series. Alfonso Soriano continues to heat up, hitting above .320 for the week with multiple homers.

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State of the Cubs Week 3

12-6 .5 up in division.

The week that was: And what a week it was. Cubs go 5-1 at home against the Reds and Pirates. (BTW we own the Pirates). Cubs beat Aaron Harang, Ian Snell and Tom Gorzelanny, all good pitchers. Cubs scored 9 or more runs in four of the wins. All five wins were granted to starting pitchers, and the lone loss was too. Dempster took in two of the those wins.

My prediction from last week: I said they'd go 4-2, they went 5-1. I did predict the one loss though.

The Hitting: In the last 7 days the Cubs have 5 hitters hitting .400 or better (Lee, DeRosa, Theriot, Johnson and Soto) Lee and DeRosa had multiple HRs, and Lee collected 10 RBIs. Overall the hitting was as good as ever.

The Pitching: Aside from Ted Lilly, the starting pitchers all gave the team the chance to win, and that's all you can ask for from them. Wuertz and Lieber struggled out of the pen, but I have faith that they will each bounce back. I couldn't ask much more out of my pitching staff.

Now you may counter with, "Hey the Cubs beat bad teams". And yes the Pirates are painfully awful, and the Reds aren't that much better. But hey at least we didn't lose 2 out of 3 to the Giants.

What to expect this week: 7 games, 5 on the road. A pair of two games sets to boot. The only two halfway decent pitchers the Cubs will face are John Maine and Aaron Cook. The Cubs will counter them with Zambrano and Marquis respectively.

My prediction: Cubs will take both games from the Mets, including a win for Ted Lilly. Then take 1 out of 2 from the Rockies, losing the Marquis vs. Cook matchup. Then in the Nationals series, the Cubs take 2 out of three, losing the first game. Kerry Wood gets 3 SVs on the week.

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Official Omnipotent Cubs/Pirates Game 3 Blog

Ok I'm trying this today...

Cubs vs. Pirates

Ryan Dempster vs. Zack Duke

From BCB

Today's pitching matchup is a rematch of the April 9 game in Pittsburgh, which the Cubs won 6-4 in 15 innings. Both Dempster and Duke threw well in that game (Dempster gave the Pirates no runs in seven innings), but both were long gone by the time Felix Pie drove in the winning runs with a two-run single. I'd like to think Matt Murton would get a start today, with the lefty Duke pitching, and especially because Murton is .455/.500/.682 (10-for-22, 2 doubles, a HR) vs. Duke. But one never knows what Lou is thinking.

Today's game is on WGN and FSN Pittsburgh, and also available through the MLB.com Mediacenter.



  1. Nate McLouth
  2. Freddy Sanchez
  3. Jason Bay
  4. Adam LaRoche
  5. Xavier Nady
  6. Ryan Doumit
  7. Jose Bautista
  8. Brian Bixler
  9. Zack Duke


  1. Reed Johnson
  2. Ryan Theriot
  3. Derrek Lee
  4. Aramis Ramirez
  5. Matt Murton
  6. Mark DeRosa
  7. Geovany Soto
  8. Ronny Cedeno
  9. Ryan Dempster

In the last 3 years RH hitters against Duke have hit .318/.361/.470...that's pretty good and why Lou features the all righty lineup today.

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