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Posted on: January 23, 2009 12:43 am

Why Carlos Marmol shouldn't be closer.

According to a recent Cubs.com article, Carlos Marmol is not a lock to be the Cubs closer come opening day 2009. Now I'm definitely in the minority, but I don't want Marmol to get the job. Hell, I don't even want him as the everyday 8th inning setup man. Am I crazy? Probably. But I have a method to my madness. In '08 he was used a lot, in a variety of situations. The most valuable of which was coming into tight game situations and getting a key out, usually by strikeout (he lead the majors in K/9 for all pitchers with at least 80 IP). Only someone who followed the Cubs day in and day out last year can fully realize how important he was in that role. And obviously he can't do that if he's the closer. I feel that role is more important to winning than the closer is.

Now would Kevin Gregg be an elite closer? Probably not. Would he be better than Carlos Marmol? Probably not. But closers are the most overrated position in baseball and Gregg has shown he can do it. And even if we can't, we can always revert to the Billy Beane philosphy that good closers grow on trees. Depending on his development, Jeff Samardzjia could be an effective closer, but I seriously doubt if he could be an effective midinning stopper. Now would it be very unconventional to put an unedxpirenced Samardzjia in the 9th inning role, of course. But I trust him more to get 3 outs in the 9th with a lead, than to get 1 out with runners in scoring position in a close game.

Carlos Marmol is by far the best reliever on the Cubs, and one of the best in all of baseball. He shouldn't be wasted as our closer.

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Posted on: June 13, 2008 5:41 pm

Cubs have RH relief locked up for a while

After the Cubs drafted Andrew Cashner in the first round out of TCU last week, it got me to thinking: the Cubs have made a major attempt to secure a solid bullpen for years to come. They have traded away Todd Walker for Jose Ceda, traded away Omar Infante and Will Ohman for Jose Ascanio now spent a first round pick Andrew Cashner. Here's a look at what the Cubs have assembled:

  • Carlos Marmol- There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. He's got flithy stuff and pitches similar to K-Rod where he uses his breaking ball as main pitch for strikes and uses the fastball as a change-of-pace pitch. Very likely to be the close of the future pending no possible arm trouble from his delivery.
  • Jose Ceda- This kid has the heat. His fastball consistently comes in at 98 MPH. He has a decent slider slider, which could use some more work. If he can perfect his control, I could see him as a Bob Howry-type, where he almost exculsevly uses the fastball, cause his fastball is very good. He's still real young (21), and could lose some weight. But this is a kid who is on the fast track to Wrigley, and expect him to be up with the big club by the middle of next year at the latest.
  • Jose Ascanio- Ascanio has already seen some work with the Cubs this year, in 4 apperances he gave up 1 run. He throws mid-90s with good stuff. He could very well be the Cubs 7th inning man next season.
  • Andrew Cashner- Some scouts claim that he's ready for big league action this season, I don't know if I'd bring him up that early. Has a mid-90s fastball and a nice slider. His main issue is control, but it didn't stop him from being virtually unhittable at TCU. He'll see some time with the Cubs by next year.
  • Kevin Hart- Was the Cubs minor league pitcher of the year last season, and when he came up in September he earned a spot on the playoff roster. He busted onto the scene last season after AA pitching coach Dennis Llewallyn helped Hart develop a cutter. Has struggled much this season, and finds himself back in AA after two stints with the big leageu club. Very possible he finds a spot in the rotation, or he'll be the future long man in the pen.
  • Jeff Samardzija- Another Cubs pitcher who very well could be bullpen or rotation. Has the fastball at mid-90s, sometimes up into the 97-98 range. Has a slider and changeup, which both need a bit more work. He probably won't be with the team until late next year, but could be a starter turned closer
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