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State of the Cubs: Week 24

91-58 9 Gms up Magic Number 4

Little late in doing this. But this have seemed to turn around. A no-hitter will do that to you. Then a one-hitter. lol. Then beating CC. The world is right again

Prediction: Cubs take 2 out of 3 from the Brewers, then clinch the first game of the St. Louis series. After that who cares until October!

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State of the Cubs: Week 23 (updated)

The Week that Was: Not Good

But we head to St Louis and Houston for a couple of 3 game series.

The Week that will be (Pitching matchups are likely to change):

Game 1: Ryan Dempster vs. Kyle Loshe. Dempster has won his last 3 road starts, and won his only start vs. the Cardinals on August 10th. Jason LaRue is 5-11 with a HR, but he holds Albert Pujols to a .269 average. Who gave Kyle Loush a complete beatdown for his first win of the season? The Cubs. He also had a good start (7 IP 2 ER) against the northsiders that resulted in a no decision. Alfonso Soriano (13-32 2 HR), Mark DeRosa (8-16 HR), Aramis Ramirez (5-8 HR), Ryan Theriot (7-14) all hit him well, in fact the Cubs as a team are hitting .362 off of him.

Game 2: Ted Lilly vs. Braden Looper. Well Lilly should be fresh after his 42 pitch preformence last time out. He's thrown against the Red Birds 3 times this year, all quality starts. Pujols, Kennedy and Encarnacion all hit him hard. The Cardinals have lost 5 out of last last 7 starts for Looper and he has a losing (5-7) record at home. They have lost both games he's started against the Cubs, although no Cubs other than Geovany Soto hits him really well.

Game 3: Rich Harden vs. Todd Wellmeyer. Hopefully Harden can pick up in September where he left off in August, as he had only given up 2 runs in his last 4 starts. Adam Kennedy is 7-22 against him, no other Cardinal has seen him much. This is Todd's 4th start against the Cubs, he's 2-1. His ERA is significantly worse at home (4.69) and Mark DeRosa hits him well.

Game 4: Wandy Rodriguez vs. Jason Marquis. For some weird reason I trust Jason Marquis. He's won 4 out of his last 5 decisions. The loss was against the Astros, but was hardly his fault: 6 IP 2 ER. Berkman and Wiggington both hit well over .400 against him. Unsure if Wandy will make this start, as he did have to leave his last start with an oblique strain. He has one very good start and one very bad start against the Cubs this year.

Game 5: Carlos Zambrano vs. TBA. If Carlos has any say in the matter, he will make this start. And he will pitch well. Berkman hits .150 off him. The Cubs have had some problems with TBA in the past, but have been a bit better this year with him. But it's always a tossup really.

Game 6: Ryan Dempster vs. Randy Wolf. Hunter Pence hits Dempster well (6-14 HR). Randy Wolf: All I can say is paybacks a bitch, just ask Jeff Karstens.

Expect Harden and Z back. And expect the Cubs to win both series, with Alfonso Soriano hitting at least 3 HRs on the week

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State of the Cubs: Week 18

67-45 5 GMs up on the Brewers

The Week that Was:

The Milwaukee Series: Complete and Utter Domination

The Pittsburgh Series: In game 1 the Cubs struggled with a pitcher they had never seen before...surprise surprise. In game 2, they beat their ace Paul Malholm and Lilly turns in another gem (his ERA has been creeping down slowly, it could be below 4 by season's end). And in game 3, they only let Z throw 82 pitches for rest purposes. The bullpen blows the lead, but Reed Johnson hits a clutch 2-run PH HR to give the Cubs the lead, the game and the series.

My Prediction: Better than expected. They go 6-1, a game better. I called Soriano gettting hot and Harden's first win in Cubbie Blue.

The Week that Will Be:

The Cubs remain at home to face the Houston Astros. The Astros are coming off a sweep of the Mets and have won 7 out of their last 9. This is the first of 3 more series the two teams will play this season. The Cubs then get a much needed off day, after going for 20 games in 20 days. After that they see the Cardinals for the first Wrigley series between the two teams this year. The Cubs also see the Cardinals for 3 more series this year. Expect Kerry Wood to return for the Cards series.

Game 1 Ryan Dempster vs. Brian Moehler. In Dempster's last start vs. the Astros, he gave the Cubs 8 scoreless innings for their first win after the break. The Astros also gave Dempster his first loss of the season, all the way back in May. As usual, the Astros to look out for are Lance Berkman (12-40 4 HR) and Carlos Lee (5-15 HR). Moehler is coming off of a great start against the Reds, 8.2 IP 2 ER. And also pitched a gem against the Cubs in July. Jim Edmonds absouletly crushes him (13-37 6 HR) and Alfonso Soriano hits him pretty well too (4-9)

Game 2 Rich Harden vs. Wandy Rodriguez. This is Harden's first career outing against the Astors, but we can all expect him to continue his dominance. Harden is yet to surrender more than 1 ER in any start as a Cub, and every run he has given up has been from a solo HR. Carlos Lee is 3-9 against him. Wandy is coming off a bad 4.2 IP 6 ER preformence against the Reds. Derrek Lee (8-19 2 HR) and Ryan Theriot (8-14 HR) hit him well. Carlos Zambrano and Jason Marquis have also hit HRs off of him (Pinch Hitting maybe )

Game 3: Jason Marquis vs. Brandon Backe. Marquis hasn't won since June, despite the fact that 4 out of his last 5 starts have been quality starts. Expect Berkman (19-39 HR) and Lee (10-29 3 HR) to continue to rake. Backe has been a mediocure pitcher for most of the season (4.72 ERA) and his last loss was against the Cubs. Aramis Ramirez (7-19 HR) hits him well.

Game 4: Ted Lilly vs. Braden Looper 8 of Lilly's last 10 starts have been quality starts. And he's 1-0 with a 3.26 ERA vs. the Cardinals this season. Pujols is 8-21 with 2 HRs against Ted. Looper has lost 4 out of his last 5 decisions including a lose to the Cubs on July 4th. Geovany Soto (3-5 HR) is the only Cub hitter that has had success against him.

Game 5: Carlos Zambrano vs. Todd Wellemeyer. Carlos has won 4 out of his last 5 decisions and has a 2.28 ERA at home this year. He shut down the Cardinals for 6 IP of scoreless ball earlier in the year. No Cardinal hits him well, not even Albert Pujols, who hits .240 off Big Z. The ex-Cub Wellemeyer posted a 5.88 ERA in July, including a loss to the Cubs. He's yet to lose on the road this season. No Cub has seen him much, but Aramis is 3-3 against him. 

Game 6: Ryan Dempster vs. Chris Carpenter. What a matchup for a Sunday night game. Dempster takes his 10-1 home record to face St. Louis, something he hasn't done this year. Jason LaRue hits him well (5-11 HR). The Former Cy Young winner Carpenter will be making his 3rd start, and no indication on how many pitches he will be able to throw. He only threw 67 in his first start, lasting 4 IP. Derrek Lee (11-35), Alfonso Soriano (10-25 2 HR) and Big Z (6-10) all hit him well.

Predictions: Cubs win 5 out of 6, losing Marquis' start. Soriano continues to hit well and Wood returns with 2 SVs

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Official Omnipotent Cubs/Cardinals Game 1 Blog

Cubs vs. Cardinals

Adam Wainwright vs. Rich Hill

From BCB...

Rich Hill hasn't pitched in nine days, due to the off day on Monday, and faces a team against which he has had some success -- 1-0, 3.12 in three career starts. Albert Pujols has homered off Hill, but all told he is only 2-for-8 against Hill.

Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals' best pitcher, has been beaten like the proverbial drum by the Cubs -- four starts last year, and the Cubs went 3-0 against him, and Wainwright piled up an 8.72 ERA. The primary pounders were Aramis Ramirez (7-for-18, 3 doubles, a HR, .389/.421/.722) and Ryan Theriot (6-for-13).

I know there are many here who visit the SBN Cardinals site Viva El Birdos and vice versa, and Larry, the proprietor, runs a first-class site and I always like the respect that I think fans of both teams have for this rivalry. If you go there tonight, have fun, but play nice. Go Cubs!

You can see tonight's game nationally on WGN, in the St. Louis market area on their FSN, and at the MLB.com Mediacenter.


  1. Alfonso Soriano
  2. Ryan Theriot
  3. Derrek Lee
  4. Aramis Ramirez
  5. Kosuke Fukudome
  6. Mark DeRosa
  7. Geovany Soto
  8. Felix Pie
  9. Rich Hill


  1. Brian Barton
  2. Rick Ankiel
  3. Albert Pujols
  4. Troy Glaus
  5. Ryan Ludwick
  6. Yadier Molina
  7. Cesar Izturis
  8. Adam Wainwright
  9. Brenden Ryan
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State of the Cubs Week 4

16-9 .5 games up in divison.

The week that was: Cubs sweep Mets at home, take one out of two from the Rockies, then lose 2 out of three to the Nationals. I'm not sure if I'm disapointed or content with the week. The starting pitching was great, the only loss by a starter was Ted Lilly's 6 IP 2 ER preformence from yesterday. The offense was obviously the key for the week. In the 4 wins, the Cubs scored 7 or more runs in every one, but in the losses they never reached 4. The series with the Mets, and the one with the Rockies were obviously pluses. But you have to be a bit disapointent for only getting 1 win in DC. But, of course, you must realize that just some days of the year any team can beat any other team. And it just so happened that we ran into good preformences by Odalis Perez and John Lannan.

My prediction from last week. I got the first two series perfect, but then botched the Nationals series. I also had 3 SVs for Kerry Wood, but Ronny Cedeno put a stop to that twice.

Coming around.

  • Aramis Ramirez started to hit, going .296/.406/.630 with 2 HR 8 RBI 3 2b in 27 AB
  • Ted Lilly 1-1 2.25 ERA 1.17 WHIP 11 K in 12 IP
  • Ronny Cedeno .375/.400/.625 1 HR 7 RBI 3 2b in 24 AB
  • Felix Pie .445/.500/.727 1 HR 4 RBI 3 R in 11 AB

What to expect this week: 3 game set vs. Milwaukee and a 3 game set in St. Louis, and unfortunately we face the 3 best pitchers of both teams (altough those include Kyle Loshe, Todd Wellimeyer and Jeff Suppan). Jason Marquis throws twice, everyone else once. Alfonso Soriano is eligible to come back on Thursday.

My prediction: Cubs go 4-2, dropping the first game of each series. Zambrano pitches an 8-inning shutout vs. the Brewers. And Alfonso Soriano comes back in a big way, in his 4 games of the week he hits 2 HRs and drives in 5.

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